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Drones could keep watchful eye on construction sites

Angela Schoellig recently provided a presentation during the 2014 Intelligent Transportation Systems Research Day, hosted by the University of Toronto Transportation Research Institute. She discussed the role of these vehicles in future environments. She states drones have a broad range of applications and when it comes to construction could be used for power line and… Read more »

By land, by air: Engineering sustainable travel

U of T Engineering News profiled the three interesting and important transportation research projects: Simulation city : Solutions for a better urban commute How’s my driving? Never mind – I’ll ask my car How do I leave a foot print when I’m not touching the ground? Read more…

Ron Buliung talks about accessibility

U of T Bulletin spoke to Prof Ron Buliung how to make cities more accessible for everyone and his recent work in childhood, mobility, health and urban design.    

Eric Miller invited to join the Tory Transition Team

As reported in the Toronto Star, Eric Miller will join John Tory’s transition team. The day after being elected Toronto’s next mayor, John Tory announced his transition team. It includes key members of his campaign team, mayoral candidate David Soknacki, and non-profit, business and academic leaders. 

The Urban Political Economy and Ecology of Automobility

“The Urban Political Economy and Ecology of Automobility: Driving Cities, Driving Inequality, Driving Politics”, edited by Alan Walks, with contributions from Ron Builiung, Paul Hess and Matti Siemiatycki explores how our cities be made more sustainable and how environmental, economic and social collapse be staved off through changes in urban form and travel behaviour.  

David Wolfe at CityAge on the need to connect the region

David Wolfe, speaking at the CityAge conference at the University of Waterloo, said Toronto, Waterloo Region and Hamilton, the biggest nodes in Ontario for research, innovation and technology commercialization, are the future of southern Ontario’s economy. Linking them more effectively requires, among other things, better transit and trains between Waterloo Region and Toronto, but also… Read more »

Eric Miller on the Future of Transit

This week U of T News continues its discussion on “The Future of Transit” with an interview with Eric Miller sharing his expert opinion on how to unclog the streets and get people moving in the GTA.  Professor Miller points to progress being made on projects like the Eglinton Crosstown and new streetcars that will provide… Read more »

The future of traffic

The first of U of T News’ podcasts on the future of cities features post-doctoral researcher Samah El-Tantawy who explains her work with Professor Baher Abdulhai as they develop a system known as MARLIN-ATSC (Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning for Integrated Network of Adaptive Traffic Signal Controllers). Download the podcast. 

Eric Miller in the Toronto Star

Let’s build the transit system we need and commit to funding it In an Op-Ed in the Toronto Star, Eric Miller says “Olivia Chow and John Tory’s transit ideas are both good…Let’s buy Chow’s buses and build Tory’s line, and we will find that they actually belong to all of us and that they are,… Read more »

Eric Miller on Toronto Star Big Ideas, Oct 7 at 1pm

Big Ideas live chat: What’s the next big transit move Toronto should make? Traffic and transit – the bane of many commuters’ existences. No one enjoys traffic. And in Toronto, it can get bad. Just look at the Gardiner Expressway. For many, transit is easy to complain about: Streetcars don’t come on time. Buses are… Read more »