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UTTRI welcomes new Advisory Board members

UTTRI is proud to welcome Drew Fagan and Andy Manahan to the UTTRI Advisory Board beginning February 1, 2017.  Meeting three times a year, the board is instrumental in providing strategic direction to UTTRI leadership. Get to know our Advisory Board members here.

Preparing for Automated Vehicles at the City of Toronto

Ryan Lanyon’s Jan. 27  talk for the UT-ITE Seminar Series shared an overview of the issues related to vehicle automation under consideration, activities undertaken to start planning, and possible directions for policy development. Ryan generously made a copy of his presentation slides available here: Preparing for Automated Vehicles at the City of Toronto – Ryan Lanyon 27… Read more »

PostDoctoral Fellowship at UTTRI

Applications close January 31 for a PostDoctoral Fellowship position at UTTRI. The incumbent will be responsible for key research tasks within a collaborative research programme between the University of Toronto and Trapeze, a transit software and services solutions provider. The goal is to develop a cloud-based scheduling and planning solution that jointly optimizes both facets.  Postdoctoral Fellow… Read more »

“Completing the puzzle” highlights new ways safety can be measured

Safety for everyone using Toronto streets, no matter the mode of transport, is the goal. UTTRI’s Professor Matthew Roorda and researcher Nancy Hui use video data and analysis of vehicle, bicycle and pedestrian activity along the Bloor Street bike lanes, before and after their installation, to help ensure the City of Toronto gets that result…. Read more »

Bike lanes on Bloor Street: U of T partners with Miovision, City of Toronto to help evaluate pilot and track traffic safety

UTTRI Professor Matthew Roorda and masters’ student Nancy Hui are assessing the safety impact of the Bloor Street Pilot Bike Lanes Project.  Video data collected by Miovision and the City of Toronto since the opening of the bike lanes last August will be analyzed for “conflicts.”  Researchers hope that the new analytical techniques used will prove to… Read more »

Newly created Miovision Labs to continue work with UTTRI

Miovision Labs, a new division of Miovision, will continue working with UTTRI on conflict analysis using real-world data. Launched at the Transportation Research Board (TRB) annual meeting in January, the new division within the company will focus on leveraging transportation data and smart traffic technology to take cities closer to embedding intelligence in urban infrastructure. Movision Labs is… Read more »

Living near major roads – new study results

UTTRI Faculty Michael J. Widener  was interviewed for a report aired on CBC’s flagship television news program The National on January 5, 2017. An expert in urban planning, Professor Widener was asked to comment after the release of results of an 11-year study showing that living close to heavy traffic was associated with a higher incidence of dementia. “Living near… Read more »

Congratulations Bradley Kloostra! Winner of CTRF undergrad student paper competition

“Fully Autonomous Vehicles: Simulating Transportation System Performance and Operating Scenarios in the Greater Toronto Area,” Bradley Kloostra’s undergraduate thesis, was chosen by the Canadian Transportation Research Forum (CTRF) as the winner of its Student Paper Competition in the Undergraduate Category, Past Presidents Award for 2015-2016. His thesis supervisor was Professor Matthew Roorda. The prize will be presented at the… Read more »

UofT researchers report on optimized tolling for GTA freeways

Dr. Aya Aboudina and her thesis advisor, Prof. Baher Abdulhai, recently completed a six-year long study on congestion pricing and dynamic tolling on freeways in the GTA. The study methodology optimizes the timing, location and magnitude of tolls on freeways in the GTA to reduce system-wide congestion, most notably on freeways but without overloading adjacent arterials.  “The… Read more »

Big Data and intelligent interfaces

iCity co-investigator and OCAD University president Sara Diamond and colleagues published an article on the need for designers and artists to help spread data literacy by building intelligent interfaces. Two examples of how researchers at OCAD University are contributing to this now are the iCity project and StudentMoveTO. As reported in the Globe and Mail… Read more »