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Yoram Shiftan explores the implications of automated vehicles

Dr. Yoram Shiftan presented a special distinguished guest lecture for the UT-ITE seminar series at the University of Toronto on November 22, 2017. He gave a broad overview of automated vehicles (AVs) exploring issues, opportunities, and research approaches. See Professor Shiftan’s presentation file PDF for Travel Behavior Implications of Automated Vehicles. There are many issues… Read more »

Sustainable transportation of goods focus of Pembina forum

UTTRI-associated faculty Professor Matthew J. Roorda, Canada Research Chair in Freight Transportation and Logistics, was invited to take part in a Thought Leader Forum hosted by the Pembina Institute on November 16. On the road to freight excellence: Collaborating on sustainable urban goods movement brought together a wide variety of thought leaders to talk about excellence and… Read more »

Judy Farvolden CBC TV interview about King Street Pilot

UTTRI Program Director Dr. Judy Farvolden talked to Dwight Drummond about Toronto’s King Street Pilot in an interview for CBC News at Six on November 14, 2017. Click here to go to YouTube video clip of Judy’s interview. Question from interviewer Dwight Drummond What do these developments say about a shift in thinking that’s happening… Read more »

Under what conditions will consumers adopt and use AVs?

Professor Matthias Sweet of Ryerson presented “Autonomous Vehicles: Public Policy Considerations and Consumer Interest in the Greater Toronto-Hamilton Area,” based on joint paper with Kailey Laidlaw, for the UT-ITE Friday Seminar Series on November 10, 2017. In his presentation, Sweet discussed the results of a study gauging public interest, in the Greater Toronto-Hamilton Area (GTHA),… Read more »

First UofT Transportation Alumni Reception

Thursday’s UofT Transportation Alumni reception at the Faculty Club had a great turnout! It was heartwarming to see the enthusiasm with which this first-ever event for transportation alumni was received.

Eric Miller talks King Street Pilot Project on Metro Morning

Monday, November 13, 2017 The King Street pilot project has begun: streetcars now have priority; cars are now being forced on to alternate routes. What does that say about the city that we are now? UTTRI Director Eric Miller was interviewed today on CBC’s Metro Morning in Making transit a priority in Toronto. According to… Read more »

Ensuring smart cities are designed effectively and equitably

UTTRI Program Director Judy Farvolden and UTTRI-associated faculty Enid Slack and David Wolfe, took part in “Understanding Smarter Cities: What Happens Next?” co-sponsored by UTTRI and organized by the Urban Studies Program at Innis College. Shauna Brail, Presidential Advisor on Urban Engagement and Director of the Urban Studies Program, introduced the November 2 public event. As… Read more »

Professor Baher Abulhai: iCity-CATTS and the future of smart transportation

Currently, the private sector is the main driver of advances in transportation technology—but do private sector intentions align with social needs? At his November 3 UT-ITE seminar, Professor Baher Abdulhai discussed the motivations, goals and methods behind the July 2017 launch of the iCity Centre for Automated and Transformative Transportation Systems (iCity-CATTS). Created to address… Read more »