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Autonomous vehicle parking continues to draw attention

Recently published research by Professor Matthew J. Roorda, Sina Bahrami, and Dr. Medhi Nourinejad on autonomous vehicle parking optimization continues to draw media attention. April 4, 2018: Global News – Monique Scotti Parking lot karma: How driverless cars could change the urban landscape April 13, 2018: Forbes.com – Adi Gaskell How Autonomous Vehicles Might Reshape Our Cities

Dr. Adam Weiss engages community on AVs

“What do driverless cars hold for the future of our transportation system?” Dr. Adam Weiss gave this keynote presentation to the Bayview-Cummer Neighbourhood Association at their Annual General Meeting on April 10th. Weiss presented an overview of why AVs matter and what impacts (both positive and negative) might result from their widespread adoption. The importance of planning… Read more »

City Hall deputation on biobased fuel

Professors Heather MacLean, Bradley Saville and I. Daniel Posen presented a summary of their research project on the evaluation of the impact of using biobased diesel fuels to the City of Toronto’s Parks and Environment Committee at its meeting on April 9.  The goal of the project is to report to Fleet Services on the potential of greenhouse gas reductions and… Read more »

Dr. Judy Farvolden: Preparing society for 21st century transportation

UTTRI Executive Director Dr. Judy Farvolden presented “Preparing Society for 21st Century Transportation” as part of an “Innovation Day” for Enterprise Holdings. The March 22 workshop was organized by Tata Consulting Services in St. Louis. Dr. Farvolden explained how cities worldwide are preparing for growth while coping with environmental, fiscal and social challenges and that… Read more »

Developing accurate ways to measure traffic-related air pollution

Laura Minet was the lead author on a recent journal article that compares and analyzes traffic-related air pollution data collected in Toronto in two different ways: (1) using mobile collection (on bicycles) and (2) using stationary monitors (sidewalk locations). Traffic-related air pollution is associated with various negative health effects. In large cities like Toronto, it… Read more »

Nourinejad, Bahrami and Roorda: Optimizing parking of autonomous vehicles

How self-driving cars could shrink parking lots March 28, 2018. By Tyler Irving New U of T Engineering research shows that adoption of self-driving cars — also known as autonomous vehicles (AVs) — could significantly reduce the amount of valuable urban space dedicated to parking. “In a parking lot full of AVs, you don’t need to open… Read more »

Papaioannou: Public transit service quality and contracting

Professor Panagiotis (Panos) Papaioannou of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece, gave a special guest seminar for the UT-ITE Friday Seminar Series on March 23. Following his presentation “Public Transit Service Quality and Contracting” and Q&A, Professor Papaioannou enjoyed a reunion with friends from his days at UofT as a Postdoctoral Fellow working with Professor Ezra Hauer in… Read more »

Urban Transportation Policy Challenges for the GTA and Beyond

  A distinguished panel of six experts discussed urban transportation policy and economics from a variety of perspectives on March 22. The event was co-sponsored by the School for Public Policy and Governance (SPPG) and the Rotman School. SPPG Professor Jonathan Hall gave a welcome and opening statements. Rotman’s Professor Nathaniel Baum-Snow moderated. UTTRI involvement extended… Read more »

Miller panelist at Canadian Automotive Innovation/R&D Summit

UTTRI Director Dr. Eric Miller was in Detroit for the Canadian Automotive Innovation/R&D Summit, on March 22 to take part in a panel on Autonomous / Connected Vehicles and AI. UTTRI was a sponsor of the day-long summit presented by the Consulate General of Canada. More than 80 attendees, including 18 Canadian universities, 12 Canadian companies,… Read more »

Leon-Garcia: 5G corridor will benefit smart, connected research

Professor Alberto Leon-Garcia was interviewed by CBC News online in Super-fast, next-generation 5G wireless to get $200M research boost from governments with the recent announcement about ENCQOR, or Evolution of Networked Services through a Corridor in Quebec and Ontario for Research and Innovation. The ENCQOR partnership will create a 5G Ontario-Quebec corridor, a wireless backbone for technological advances such as… Read more »